Thursday, November 11, 2010

Renault allowed to name car 'Zoe'

Since I've already posted on this issue twice - here and here - I thought I'd update about the latest development in the story.

Recap: Renault want to name their newest car 'Zoe' - it is a Zero Emission car and Zoe means 'life'. But the parents of two children named Zoe Renault (first name surname) have taken the company to court in France to try and block the name, claiming it would harm their children.

The result is that the judge has ruled that Renault can name a car Zoe. (see here).

This time, the idea of Renault naming a car Zoe sparked off in my mind ideas about created names. I was just wondering if the fashion for creating names is connected to the fashion in advertising of creating brand names from words that sound like something recognisable, but aren't actually a real word such as Pepsi Cola from pepsin and kola nuts, Popsicle from pop and icicle, Toblerone from Theodor Tobler and Italian torrone meaning 'nougat', and so on. So Kaylyn is recognisably linked to Kay and Lynn but it doesn't actually have a direct derivation from them, or Brayden from Brady and Aidan and so on. Or older names like Marlene and Darlene etc. Was there a connection between the rise of brand names from, say the late 19th century, and the rise of names that aren't directly derived from older names such as Elizabeth? I don't know, but that's what I have been wondering about.


Rebekah said...

Hi Saffy!

I tried commenting on your crochet blog just now but for some reason I wasn't able; no window popped open. So I tried emailing you but my email was returned. So your Orangery blog is my last resort! :) I do hope you find this comment. I pasted my earlier note to you below:
Hi Saffy!

I just found your crochet blog today and read your post about finding the
perfect yarn for your Fairfield Cardigan. I had a few good choices for you
but I couldn't find an UK online store that carried them. My first choice
was Plymouth Galway Worsted, which I just used to knit a cardigan of
my own,
because it doesn't readily pill and it feels wonderful when knitting. But
alas! No UK stores seem to stock it.

That is why I think you may want to look into Malabrigo Worsted Aran.
it and I've heard only positive reviews about this yarn. I haven't
personally knitted with it but the yarn's fiber closely matches the original
yarn of choice (Kumara), and it comes close to the 18 sts = 4" gauge.

I do hope you find a yarn that suits your pattern. Let me know if you need
anymore help!

Rebekah from Michigan, USA

P.S. I just wanted to write here how I came to your blog; it is a very
interesting venture! I just received my issue of *Crochet Today* magazine
and learned about a charity blog. I jumped onto the internet, visited the
blog, and noticed on the sidebar an ad for *Inside Crochet* magazine. Having
never heard of this magazine before, I searched for Inside Crochet on And one of the issues had your crocheted cardigan which I was
naturally drawn to--I think I need to heart it right now... :) Anyway, I
clicked on your name and found your website link. And that is how it came to

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