Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Telegraph Names 2012 Word Clouds

I've compiled the names of all births announced in the Daily Telegraph in 2012. I should be able to post a more detailed analysis soon, but here are some Wordle word clouds to tide you over.
All first names - note the predominance of male names (Henry, William, Edward George etc.) compared with female names (only Florence matches the size of some of the male names). Possibly due to more male births announced in the Telegraph (I haven't crunched these numbers, but it was the case last time), possibly simply due to more variation in female names given.

 All female first names - here you can see the domination of Florence, and some names that are a little small on the previous word cloud - Matilda, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Beatrice, Isla, Willa etc.
 All male first names - lots of dominant names, very few in-between names (unlike the girls). I'd classify all the dominant names as strong, traditional names that wouldn't look out of place in a 1912 list, let alone 2012. With the exception of Harry, full names rather than nicknames dominate.This is different from the England and Wales top 10 for 2011, where nicknames are plentiful (Harry, Alfie, Charlie, Jack).
All the middle names - for girls, Elizabeth and Rose dominate. Florence - surely the Telegraph female name of 2012 - is not far behind. For males, James, John and William are again prominent. This word cloud is only for the first middle name - so for Alice Elizabeth Catherine then it notes Elizabeth but not Catherine.