Thursday, January 01, 2009

UK Popular Names

Or, humph, it seems that the Office of National Statistics are not publishing a top 100 this year. Anyway, the following lists seem to be the best available:

1) Bounty list - the website isn't working at the moment, but a summary can be found on the BBC or the Times. This is a survey of 380 000 babies (I can find that around 650000 babies were born in 05, so this is about 1/2 of babies born). Its top names are Olivia and Jack (as ever). Possibly the best list available if ONS aren't going to publish a top 100.

2) Telegraph list of the around 2500 births announced in the Daily Telegraph. I myself have been making a note of these births (and those in the Times) and will be writing up a proper analysis when I have time. A little different from the Bounty list - William and Emily are the top names, with Matilda as #2 - though it is #47 on the Bounty list. 

3) Scotland list - at least the General Register Office in Scotland aren't cost-cutting. They also release a complete list of all names used. Jack and Sophie at the top.

4) N Ireland list (pdf) - both N Ireland and Scotland's lists tend to be a little different from England and Wales, though Jack reigns supreme in both countries. Jack and Katie at the top in N Ireland. Little surprised to see Oisin as #4 in the Western Board, though it isn't in the top 20. 

A late addition to the list: The Times. A little different to mine - they possibly included middle names, or names that were not published on the website.