Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hurrah - England and Wales stats are back

Here and here.

A few changes from before - they are published by ONS rather than GRO (Office of National Statistics instead of General Register Office, so may differ slightly from before. There is the ONS data from 1998 and 2007 as well, but a gap between '99 and '06.

Jack and Olivia are number one, while Ruby was, according to this data, #1 in 2007. Ffion, Seren and Megan are in the top 10 in Wales. In particular interest are the tables that list most popular names for each month - Holly is #1 in December and Summer is in the top 10 in June, July and August.

Dylan and Rhys are in the top 10 in Wales, a quick glance doesn't reveal any large monthly variations on names given. Regional information is also interesting - Mohammed is #4 in Yorkshire and the Humber, #3 in London and #2 in West Midlands but doesn't appeal at all in the top 10s for E Midlands, N East, E England and S East.

New entries to top 100 include: Lexi (fastest mover), Florence, Emilia, Maryam and Esme, and Blake, Ewan and Zak. Other quick climbers include: Evie (from #15 to #10), Ava (#39 to #21), Summer (#44 to 23), Isla (#65 to 36), Matilda (#62 to 43) and Lacey (#77 to 60), and Oscar (#41 to 30), Riley (#57 to 33), Alex (#58 to 47), Theo (#73 to 58) and Leon (#74 to 62). As ever, there seems to be fewer dramatic changes in the boys list than there is in the girl's list.

Fast fallers include: Amy (#23 to 34), Caitlin (#34 to 44), Georgia (#42 to 52), Madison (#36 to 56), Rebecca (#47 to 64), Maddison (#63 to 74), Skye (#67 to 77), Aimee (#76 to 86) and Courtney (#79 to 98), and Cameron (#34 to 46), Jamie (#36 to 51), Ben (#48 to 57), Kyle (#51 to 69), Kieran (#61 to 73), Aidan (#78 to 92) and Billy (#89 to 98). Is it just me, or is there a Scottish/Irish flavour to these falling names? Callum, Connor, Finlay and Sean have also fallen. But Ryan, Liam and Finley have all risen.

Also interesting are new entries from 1998, names that have become top 100 in 11 years include: Ruby, Evie, Ava (rose 508 places), Summer, Isla (333 places), Scarlett, Eva, Brooke, Matilda, Keira, Lola (322 places), Lilly, Gracie (529 places), Madison, Amelie (2641 places!), Lacey, Sienna (1060 places), Libby, Layla, Maya, Lexi (4917 places!), Maddison, Sofia, Skye, Lexie (4911 places!), Faith, Martha, Eve, Julia, Evelyn, Maria, Tilly, Florence, Emilia, Maryam and Esme.

Jayden, Oscar, Archie, Riley, Lucas, Leo, Finley, Logan, Noah, Mason, Theo, Freddie, Finlay, Harley, Kian (436 places), Hayden, Zachary, Luca, Ashton, Bailey, Sebastian, Gabriel, Evan, Taylor, Reuben, Blake, Louie, Ewan and Zak. There are much fewer dramatic rises for the boys.

Fallen out of the top 100 are: Rose, Victoria, Rachel, Shannon and Madeleine, and Andrew, Frederick and Dominic.