Tuesday, September 08, 2009

More thoughts on England and Wales Popular Names - Percentages

345, 731 baby girls names were recorded when making the popularity charts for 2008, and 362, 908 baby boys.

The #1 girl name was Olivia, with 5317 births. This accounts for 1.54% of all girl names given.
The #1 boy name was Jack, with 8007 births. This accounts for 2.21% of all boy names given.
The top ten girl names gives 44255 births, and accounts for 12.8% of all girl names given.
The top ten boy names gives 59555 births, and accounts for 16.4% of all boy names given.

If Olivia was in the male top 10 then it would chart at #7. There is also much less diversity in boy names given - 26815 different boy names were registered, while 34043 different female names were registered.

Just comparing with the US, the top names for 2008 -Jacob and Emma accounted for 1.04% and 0.9% of births respectively, and the top 10 boy names only accounts for 8.8% and girl names 7.7%. With boys, this is almost half of those in the UK.

The top 100 girl names account for 47.4% of girl names given, and the top 100 boy names account for 57.7% of boy names given. This certainly isn't the same as it was in the 17th century, with three quarters of boys being named John. But also there seems to be more conservatism in use of names in England and Wales than I expected.